Uniserv Data Quality Solutions

Cleansing, maintenance and update of customer data

In order to make use of your customer data to optimum effect, you must understand, maintain, protect and monitor them. Use Uniserv's Data Quality services to keep the quality of your data at a constantly high level over their entire period of use. Contributing their knowledge, comprehensive advice and experience, our skilled experts help you to efficiently implement sustainable measures in your CRM system.

The portfolio of Uniserv covers the entire data quality cycle:

  • From analyzing existing data and initial optimization,
  • via implementation of a Data Quality Firewall
  • through to continuous monitoring and maintenance of the quality obtained.

The Uniserv functions can easily and quickly be integrated to supplement your CRM system – especially tailored to your technical requirements. The consultants at Qualysoft boasting many years of experience with these efficient tools will analyze your data structure, cleanse double entries and incorrect data sets, and make sure that the high level of quality is maintained in the long run.

Flawless customer data in Aurea CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Use the Uniserv functions to increase the data quality of your CRM system – no matter whether Aurea CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM or other solutions – and create a uniform customer perspective to provide a basis for successful operational and strategic business decisions thanks to:

  • Guaranteed high level of data quality in the CRM system
  • Highly efficient sales and marketing processes
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction and stronger customer loyalty
  • Excellent level of acceptance and highly motivated employees who reflect the company's high quality standards via a well-maintained CRM system in direct customer contact in the field

Regardless of whether you want to implement a new CRM system, optimize an existing system or combine several systems in one – we help you ensure a high level of data quality in the long term in three steps:

1. Initial data cleansing

2. Implementation of “first time right” and/or mechanisms that identify poor data quality already when the information is entered or edited

3. Use of Data Maintaining as a measure to ensure a high data quality standard

The Data Quality toolkit

Use the solutions of Uniserv combining the Data Analyzer, Data Cleansing, Data Protection and Data Governance tools, ensuring that you data will be ready to use at any time in a reliable manner:

  • Turn darkness into light: use the Data Analyzer to reduce the time and effort needed for the analytical phase in data quality, integration or migration projects by up to 90 %

  • Turn chaos into quality: Data Cleansing provides reliable company details, creating the basic prerequisites for optimized processes.

  • Ensure lasting data quality: when it comes to the creation of complex, interactive DQ processes, Data Protection increases productivity 10 to 20 times, implementing all relevant checks when data sets are newly created or edited.

  • Keep an eye on everything at all times: use Data Governance to continuously and automatically monitor data quality in ongoing operation.
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