Tricentis Tosca Testsuite

Risk-based software quality assurance

Tosca Testsuite by Tricentis is the leading solution for functional software testing that provides effective support for both agile and waterfall project management methods, optimizing risk coverage by minimizing the number of test cases.

Using Tosca you will optimize risk coverage when going live with your applications and end-to-end processes. With a minimum number of test cases you will achieve the highest possible risk contribution for each test case, create and manage the data required, and automate test cases using our unique Model-Based Test Automation approach (MBTA).

Orchestrated Service Virtualization allows you to break down complex system landscapes, creating the prerequisite for stable testing at an early stage.

You will benefit from:
  • a high degree of automation: higher than 90 percent

  • maximum risk coverage: higher than 95 percent

  • efficiency improvement by a factor of 10 – in comparison to manual or script-based testing solutions – when creating and maintaining tests

Create an optimized test case portfolio
providing maximum risk coverage

In most projects, test results are still defined by the number of test cases run. In this context, things are done according to the mantra “the more the better”. Tosca introduces a change of paradigm, making risk coverage the new “currency”. Using a tried-and-tested method of combination, i.e. linear expansion, the number of test cases is reduced while risk coverage is optimized. Aggregated risk coverage should be looked at from various angles: from the business perspective, the performance perspective, and with respect to compliance criteria to be met.

Simple and convenient automation solution

With Tosca Testsuite, you can focus on the most important testing aspect: the definition of suitable testing scenarios. Test cases based on Tosca are technically readable and can be maintained using minimum effort.

  • Create dynamic test cases and avoid time- and object-based maintenance
  • Set up non-redundant test case portfolios using the modular principles of Tosca
  • Minimize the remaining maintenance effort, in both technical and functional terms

Focus on the essential

The experts at Qualysoft will support you when integrating Tosca Testsuite into the development process, will define the test case design jointly with the customer, and will assist with test automation. In this way, you will quickly achieve high test coverage, be able to deliver releases at short – even daily – intervals, and accelerate provision of new functionalities. This will take pressure off department staff, allowing them to focus on their core business.

As a Premium Partner and Certified Implementation Partner Level 2, Qualysoft closely collaborates with manufacturer Tricentis and significantly supports implementation of testing projects throughout Europe and the USA.