Liferay Portal Solution

Digital Experience Platform

Designed for organizations of all sizes, the latest generation of the Liferay Digital Experience Platform allows you to build extensive portals, flexible websites, easy-to-use intranet systems, and mobile applications for all devices. With the seamless integration of backend systems, you create information platforms for every application.

Design contextually personalized online experiences and digitize your business processes: from self-service client and partner portals to native apps. You can use the Liferay Digital Experience Platform to develop customized applications along all your touchpoints. Connect legacy, web and mobile applications into a single repository, distributing content consistently and intelligently across all touchpoints.

With the powerful Liferay DXP you have all options open:

  • One software for all applications: create and manage customer and partner portals, websites, intranet portals and mobile solutions.

  • Connection of back-end systems: integrate existing systems and set up personal access to CRM, ERP systems and many other applications via portals.

  • Intuitive operation and fast search: high usability through user-friendly interfaces and fast content retrieval via the powerful Elasticsearch.

  • Fast integration and easy evolution: the open source Java platform supports the most popular front-end frameworks and provides all the benefits of the microservice architecture.

Design personal, consistent experiences

Liferay DXP brings together all the data from different systems and gives your users exactly the information they need at each digital touchpoint .

  • Portals: With powerful customer, partner and supplier portals, you can provide the right information in a personalized way for every user. Give your users access to documents, set up transactions, and provide individual information.

  • Websites: Personalize your website and give your customers secure access to data in your internal systems. With Liferay DXP you can create and manage websites via modern user interfaces with high usability. You also benefit from out-of-the-box functionalities such as consistent responsive design and numerous social community features.

  • Intranet: Specially designed for optimal collaboration, Liferay Intranet connects people, processes and systems. The modern interfaces are easy to use and assist your employees in finding and editing information. Social tools such as blogs, wikis and forums make your intranet a central knowledge database for efficient, documented work.

  • Mobile: Create responsive web pages and develop native apps for iOS and Android quickly and easily. With ready-made interfaces, you can provide immediate authentication, registration, and localization for better user experience.